RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — All eyes were on the screen during Monday Night Football’s matchup of the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals.

Many watched as Buffalo Bills safety, Damar Hamlin, was given CPR and then taken off the field by an ambulance.

“When I saw the play after he got hit, got up and then fell down. It did look like it was a cardiovascular event,” Dr. Manesh Patel said, the Chief Cardiologist at Duke Health.

Patel has studied the hearts of athletes in-depth throughout his career.

“In his football play there it looked like he was making a tackle, but he did get a… sort of a trauma right to the chest, kind of got up and then lost all blood flow if you will, because he immediately went down. That makes us worry that it was a cardiac event where his hearts not able to profuse or give blood flow to his whole body,” Dr. Patel said.

He told CBS 17 although seemingly rare, cardiac events in sports are not uncommon.

“We certainly hear of people who at the end of marathons, on sporting fields and others that need resuscitation,” Patel said.

The response time, he explained, is crucial.

“Obviously cardiac arrest is a very serious condition in which blood flow is stopped to the body that’s why CPR as we just described is very critical. Getting CPR done at a high-quality fashion makes sure blood flow is going to the brain and the rest of the body and then defibrillating into getting the heart working again,” Patel said.

The team said the second-year player is currently sedated and in critical condition at a Cincinnati hospital.

Dr. Patel said usually during something like this there will be a period of helping the body rest to see if there’s neurological recovery.