GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — When’s the last time you saw a baseball coach or player get ejected after their game ended?

East Carolina fans saw that happen last Wednesday. Pirates head coach Cliff Godwin and first baseman Josh Moylan were tossed after Moylan argued a called strike three that ended the game, with the Pirates losing to Campbell 2-1 at Segra Stadium in Fayetteville.

Moylan was suspended for two games, and Godwin served a one-game suspension resulting from the ejections.

On an episode of Inside Pirate Athletics Monday with WNCT sports director Brian Bailey, Godwin shared his side of the story on how the postgame ejections unfolded:

“The umpire’s locker room was on the first-base side. We were in the third-base dugout. So Josh was walking across the plate. And if I’m the home plate umpire — which I’m not, I like to be sometimes, but I’m actually not — but you called the last out of the game, you should be heading right. You should be walking over. And I’ve never seen umpires just sit there, congregate. Well, Josh gets thrown out — he shouldn’t have, of course, drawn the line in the sand — but I just think it’s over. We just need to move on, and I didn’t think it was egregious by Josh by any means. Of course now I’m only thinking about that Josh is gonna be suspsended. That’s why I was really upset. The problem I have with the whole situation, the guy I was talking to was the home plate umpire but I got thrown out by the third-base umpire. So, mechanically, in my opinion, it was not handled the right way but it doesn’t matter. If it’s a postgame ejection, a player gets two games and I get one game.

ECU coach Cliff Godwin

Godwin said Moylan didn’t say anything to the umpires.

“I haven’t talked to Josh, but I was looking at Josh, and he did not turn around, say anything to the guy,” Godwin said. “He just drew a line in the dirt. And look, I wouldn’t have argued anything if Josh hadn’t got thrown out. My whole thing was Josh got thrown out, you’ve just suspended him for two games because he’s been thrown out. That was why I was so irritated. I didn’t think he turned around, used bad language.”

Watch the video above to hear more from Godwin and the ECU baseball team.