DENVER (WNCT) — While they may not have heard their name called on NFL draft day, there’s a future for two former members of the East Carolina University football team.

As of Saturday night, CBS Sports said All-American cornerback Ja’Quan McMillian was expected to join the Denver Broncos as a free-agent signing. The same was also the case for D.J. Ford, who was expected to join the New York Jets.

Players who did not get drafted have the chance to sign free-agent contracts with teams. More announcements about the pro football future of former ECU players was expected to be determined going into Sunday. Among those were wide receiver Tyler Snead, punter Jonn Young, offensive lineman Justin Chase, wide receiver Audie Omotosho and linebackers Aaron Ramsey and Bruce Bivens.

Players also have other options if the NFL doesn’t work out, including the USFL, XFL and Canadian Football League.