GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Parker Byrd’s family received more good news after the East Carolina University baseball commit’s 15th surgery Tuesday, his mother reported.

Byrd has been in and out of the operating room since suffering severe leg damage in a Bath Creek boating accident in July. His right leg sustained the most damage, and he underwent a below-the-knee amputation on that side in early August.

Concerns about blood flow and the viability of Byrd’s remaining muscles in his right leg prompted doctors to consider an above-the-knee amputation. But when he went in for that operation, doctors discovered that there was still blood flow to the bone marrow of his right tibia. His fibula was “dead,” his mother said, so they removed that bone while keeping the tibula in place, generating hope that his knee could be saved.

Byrd was discharged from the hospital after recovering from that surgery, continuing with therapy and outpatient surgeries in the meantime.

That led to Byrd’s 15th surgery Tuesday.

Dr. Zeri was able to close 90% of the lower leg today. His bone still looked good and everything is coming together well. It’s nothing short of a miracle that he still has his knee. We praise God continuously for restoring blood flow to the bone below his knee. His upper right leg is also closing well. Dr. Zeri thinks it possibly could eventually close on its own but he will probably go ahead and do a skin graft next week on it to move things along. We rushed him from surgery to hyperbaric for his therapy (which we also know has contributed immensely to saving his knee). His next surgery is planned for Friday. Until then, he will be busy will hyperbaric, PT, school and getting to the baseball field as much as he can. Thank you all so much for all the continued thoughts and prayers.

Mitzi Lee Byrd’s Facebook update on Tuesday.