GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Incoming ECU freshman Parker Byrd is headed back to the ICU to receive more intensive treatment for injuries he suffered in a recent Beaufort County boating accident.

Byrd, who sustained serious damage to both legs in the accident, underwent his sixth surgery Tuesday, according to his mother Mitzi Byrd.

During that operation, concerns about the “coloring and temperature” of Byrd’s right foot prompted doctors to send him to the hospital’s heart center for an arteriogram, Mitzi reported. Doctors were concerned at that time that Byrd might’ve developed a blood clot.

Later in the day, Mitzi posted that Parker was in recovery and doctors found that his arterial grafts were still open.

“His arteries are spasming, causing blood flow to be constricted to his right foot,” Mitzi Byrd wrote in her latest Facebook update. “The doctors don’t know why it’s doing that now (over a week after the accident) but they said younger people have more arterial spasms because their vessels are not hardened. They ballooned open the popliteal artery, placed a cath and started some medication drips to keep the vessels open and not spasming. He will have to go back to ICU because of those medicines.”

Byrd’s right leg sustained the most severe damage in the accident. The status of his right foot has been an ongoing concern as doctors monitor Byrd’s bloodflow and neurological recovery.

“We have so much to be thankful for but so much to continue to pray for,” Mitzi said. “At this point, it is a wait and see game about that foot. We don’t know how much damage (if any) was done to that foot while the blood flow has been decreased. PLEASE pray for good blood flow to be reestablished and no damage done. He is distraught that he has to go back into ICU. Very hard on my mama heart.”

At the time of the accident, Byrd was preparing to enter his freshman year as an ECU baseball player. A standout player with the South Charlotte Panthers travel baseball program, Byrd committed to ECU before officially starting his prep career at Scotland County High School. Byrd is a Laurinburg native, and both of his parents attended ECU.