GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — It was a busy but good Friday for Parker Byrd. Saturday saw him go through his 12th surgery.

The incoming East Carolina University freshman who was injured in a boating accident in July had a host of friends come to see him Friday. His mother, Mitzi Byrd, posted to Facebook that he was given the OK to go outside when he feels like it.

He was joined on Friday by friends, family and ECU baseball coach Cliff Godwin. Mitzi Byrd said Parker got to enjoy their company and he had some of his favorite foods brought to him. The biggest surprise was that someone arranged for him to get Los Angeles Dodgers baseball gear and an autographed baseball from Freddie Freeman.

“It was a good day,” Mitzi Byrd wrote on social. “He got a surprise gift from the LA Dodgers with some gear and an autographed ball from Freddie Freeman 🤯. I’m not sure who was behind that but thank you so much!”

Mitzi Byrd also wrote that Parker got in two hyperbaric treatments between the visits. He had his 12th surgery on Saturday just two days after it was learned he would need a second amputation to remove his right knee.

Doctors told the family Saturday’s surgery went well and they were happy with the results. The skin and muscle needed for padding looked good and once the dead tibia and fibula were removed, it would result in a good prosthetic fit.

“They think that the disarticulation amputation will definitely be a promising possibility,” Mitzi Byrd wrote in her latest social post. “We truly pray that this is possible because it will allow for lateral movement of his leg. The doctors are happy with his wound healing and his last cultures showed no sign of infection.

“P had a good bit of pain last night. The anesthesiologist put two nerve blocks in his right leg after surgery to help control the pain at least over the weekend. He just left for hyperbaric treatment. One step closer to being discharged. Our prayers today are for his mental well-being. He’s having a bit of a tough day today.”