East Carolina’s football team probably won’t do a lot of celebrating on this Halloween night with another early practice set for Thursday.

Still, Halloween brings back memories for many of a favorite costume. Surprisingly, the favorite Halloween costume for many of the Pirates was “Michael Myers”, who made his debut in the 1978 movie ‘Halloween.’

“I’m big into like Michael Myers and all of that stuff like that.” said ECU offensive tackle Garrett McGhin. “It never scared me. It intrigued me. It always freaked my Mom out. It was one of those things that I would wear it for Halloween and when Thanksgiving would roll around, I’d break it out again just to scare Mom while she was making dinner.”

While McGhin was scarring Mom, defensive tackle Alex Turner had a more pleasant experience. 

“My mom used to dress me up in little boots, and a Cowboy hat,said Turner. “I had little pistols and I had one of our dogs dressed as a horse. I was always too big to ride my dog. I would definitely crush it, but it definitely was a good memory.”