The ECU football team is just 10 days away from taking the field for the first time when they host North Carolina A&T on Saturday, September 1 at 6 pm. 

The Pirates have wrapped up fall camp and are now in full “game week” mode as they prepare for the Aggies. After practice on Wednesday head coach Scottie Montgomery said that the team has improved in some key areas that will help them all season long.

“Conditioning and communication, those two things,” said Montgomery. “We are in better conditioning, of course, than we were three weeks ago. I told you that we were prepared, now we are ready. I really feel that this is the team that is ready to start the season and start well. Our conditioning level is at a high level, we got a lot of energy and a lot of people. That really helped us this year, a lot of people in camp, we got 115 people on our team now, which is really important and crucial for a great show teams and I think we are ready.”

The communication and conditioning improvements have the team ahead of schedule. Coach Montgomery and defensive coordinator, David Blackwell agree that the team is game ready despite having 10 more days before being able to take the field in a real game situation.

“If we had to play this weekend, I think that we could do it,” said Montgomery. “I think the guys have paid a lot of attention to detail, we got a lot of energy and juice from the coaches, playing really well on defense right now. Really like where we were now that we’ve split and offensively we’ve got great timing.”

“I told the kids that at the end of practice today that, we look game ready,” said Blackwell. “There are still some certain situations that we’ve got to clean up a little bit, some redzone work that we’ve got to clean up, third down situations where we are starting to really hone in on situational football and game plan. But, there is no question I think we look like a team that is ready to play this weekend.”