East Carolina is now on its ‘in-season’ practice schedule which is a big change from other years. 

The Pirates will practice in the mornings during the season. The squad will hit the practice field shortly before 8am most days. The team is scheduled to be off the field by a little after 10am each day.

“It’s been a long time coming,” said Pirate coach Scottie Montgomery. “The early schedule is great for the players and the coaches. The players are done with football early in the day, while the coaches will now get to spend more time with their individual families.”

ECU captain Garrett McGhin agreed. 

“We had a great day today,’ said McGhinn. “I think it will just get better because the guys really like getting to practice early and then having the rest of the day for school and everything else.”

The Pirates will use this week as a ‘mock’ game week. Next week it’s the real thing, as the Pirates open the 2018 season hosting North Carolina A&T on September 1st.