GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — This week’s Sports Talk podcast focuses on a very familiar and important person in East Carolina University athletics.

Jeff Charles has called East Carolina University play-by-play football and basketball games for as long as many Pirate fans can remember, since 1988 to be exact. He has even been deemed “The Voice of the Pirates.” He said in this conversation he came up with the slogan “You can paint this one purple” after an ECU victory early in his career.

It’s obviously stuck.

Last week, he called his 1,000th career game with the Pirates. He’ll be on the microphone Wednesday night for No. 1,002 as the ECU men’s basketball team will be at Cincinnati.

Now, “The Voice” is as much a household name for ECU and Greenville as just about anyone else. He talks about his career, how thankful he is to live and work in Greenville, some of his best games and memories and much more.

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