JAMESTOWN, N.Y. (WNCT) — The 2023 Babe Ruth 13-15 World Series started Saturday with Greenville playing for a shot at a championship.

Opening ceremony festivities were Saturday, with pool play starting later in the day. Play continues to Aug. 20. Greenville lost 7-5 to Moorhead Black, the Midwest Plains champion, on Saturday. After a rain-delayed day, Greenville bounced back Sunday with an 8-3 win over Portland, the Pacific Northwest champs. Greenville lost to Norwalk Tides, 4-3, in Tuesday’s game.

The Greenville team played host and won the Southeast Regional recently at Guy Smith Stadium to reach the 10-team World Series. Greenville won the 13-15 World Series in Stafford, Va., last year.

The pool play portion of the tournament gives each team four guaranteed games. The top three teams from each division advance to the single-elimination part of the tournament, which starts Aug. 17.

Greenville’s schedule includes:

Saturday: vs. Moorhead Black (Midwest Regional), lost 7-5

Sunday: vs. Portland (Pacific Northwest Regional), won 8-3

Tuesday: vs. Norwalk Tides (Northwest Regional), 11 a.m.

Wednesday: vs. Beekman (Middle Atlantic Regional), 11 a.m.

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