CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Practice makes perfect for athletes at any level.

That could be solo training at the park or a scrimmage with friends.

“I’ve been playing soccer since I was about four and a half, I think,” Sally Taylor said.

“We are out here quite often, yeah,” Sam Geisinger said.

As for professional teams like Charlotte FC, preparing for a perfect practice means building a multi-million-dollar new training facility.

The club revealed the anticipated location for the team’s future headquarters on Wednesday.

“That’s super exciting; I am happy for them. I cannot wait for that to happen. Let’s go,” Alex Schattin said.

The exact location, 8600 McAlpine Park Drive, is near McAlpine Creek Park and will include a 52,000+ square foot facility featuring four fields, one being synthetic turf, and will house 110-plus employees.

“My favorite team was Chelsea, and I actually watched Chelsea play Charlotte and Charlotte beat them, so Charlotte is my new favorite now,” Schattin said.

A club spokesperson tells Queen City News that the team has been using the two fields at the facility for practice since June.

The club plans to build two additional areas on the property.

“It’s cool that it is a growing thing, and again, it’s just part of the community, and it’s people that are around us, and it’s our team,” Geisinger said.

“Those are the people who inspire us and push us to work harder, and I think having them so close, we are going to want to be better and put on a show, I guess,” Taylor said.

Charlotte FC says the headquarters will be completed by Spring 2023.