GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — As baseball season approaches, new reports show that America’s favorite pastime could look slightly different this year. took a nationwide survey that found that more than 33% of baseball fans say inflation and economic concerns will keep them from attending Major League Baseball games this year.

Those planning to see a game aim to go to an average of three throughout the season.

People living in Houston have to work the most out of all MLB cities to afford tickets. They have to work about nine hours to pay for three tickets. With $58 being the average ticket cost for an Astros game and $20 hourly wage, it’s an investment.

Not far behind are the New York Yankees. Fans need to put in about eight hours of work to go to three games.

Even though some teams are located in the same city, not all of these teams are equal when it comes to ticket costs. New York Mets tickets cost half the price of a Yankees seat.

The most affordable teams to see this season are the San Diego Padres and Colorado Rockies. Not far behind those are the Seattle Mariners, San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics.

Across the MLB, the cost to rent out a suite is $5,722. The Yankees have the most expensive suites, costing an average of $15,000 a game. The Chicago Cubs are not far behind with $11,500 per suite.

What are fans willing to pay extra for?

When fans were asked what they would give up to save money for MLB tickets, most said that fast food would be the first to go. Then there’s 28% who say they’d skips meals and a bold 22% said they’d give up alcohol.

In total, 1 in 4 devoted fans have traveled out of state to watch their team play in a regular season game, and 28% have even taken a day off work to go to an MLB game.