CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Nashville is now the latest city to make the play for a Major League Baseball team.

But, when talking about an expansion of the MLB, Charlotte always comes on the shortlist when considering potential cities.

But could that actually happen?

Sports experts say it’s a possibility.

“Washington DC already has three teams. Why don’t we have any?” asked Rick Curti, CEO of the Charlotte Bats.

Charlotte has the Panthers, the Hornets, the Knights, and now Charlotte FC.

Rick’s not the only one wondering why doesn’t Charlotte a major league baseball team.

“There’s already that hunger for baseball,” said Kevin Henry, who’s a sportswriter at Fansided. “Certainly, anywhere in the southeast, it’s Braves Country. So, I think MLB would love to capitalize on that southern ‘want’ of baseball.”

Henry said when MLB officials look at Charlotte, it’s more than baseball they’ll consider.

“Charlotte FC was a huge test for MLB coming there,” said Henry. “Fans turned out for the games.”

The last time the MLB expanded was in the 90s.

Henry said that expansion is always a consideration. But there are issues with Oakland and Tampa that must be worked out. He said Charlotte has a good chance if Oakland moves to Las Vegas and Tampa is sorted out.

“Out of that, hey, let’s give Charlotte a good percentage… 66 percent chance to land it, that’s what I’m saying,” said Kevin.

Rick said he’s been hoping for an MLB team in Charlotte for the last nine years. He has his pitch- ready for any MLB higher-ups who may be listening.

“We’re one of the fastest growing cities in one of the fastest growing states. I mean, this would be a gold mine,” said Rick.

A gold mine — sure.

Better yet — a grand slam.