GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — At a basketball game, many pack the stands to watch their favorite team play, listen to the crowd cheer and the coaches yell. But what other fun component is there?


They can range from cute to creepy or comical to chaotic. They truly can make or break the audience’s experience at the game. wanted to know who reigns supreme in the 2022 NBA season among mascots and who these fans bet against. surveyed over 900 NBA fans nationwide to gather their research.

With a score out of 5, the best mascot was deemed as Grizz from the Memphis Grizzlies. Not far behind is Benny the Bull from the Chicago Bulls, who has been their mascot since 1969.

Some mascots are for humor and some are for intimidation. Of those looking to scare their opponent, Grizz again comes out on top with his intimidating appearance.

Not too far behind is Rumble the Bison from Oklahoma City, Phoenix’s own Go the Gorilla, Cleveland’s Sir CC, and, paradoxically, Mavs Man once again. 

The Charlotte Hornets’ mascot was only ranked in the top 5 in one category … least intimidating. Not sure what that says about the team, but …

Why do Americans like mascots? The top reasons include the sheer entertainment and hype they bring; just over half appreciate their appeal to children. Cuteness, nostalgia, and merchandise capability round out the rest.

There’s just something about mascots. Fans can’t get enough!