CHARLOTTE, N.C. (CHARLOTTE SPOTS LIVE) – A new ranking has revealed which NFL team has failed to maintain their fan’s loyalty over the last three seasons, and it’s the Cleveland Browns who are struggling the most.

Canada Sports Betting created the rankings, which analyzed more than 500 NFL-related keywords after the 2020 season, to name the most dedicated and bored fans.

The keywords covered all aspects of support, including interest in team performance, searches for merchandise, player stats, and tickets for upcoming games.

The Browns, who rank first in biggest drop in fan support, have seen interest drop 34% each year. The Panthers rank fifth in the biggest drop in fan support, with a 21% drop in interest year after year.

According to the study, the average NFL fan has seen a 19% annual loss of interest in how their favorite team is doing over the past three years.

“Fan support comes in many forms, and showing an active interest in a team’s performance online is one of the most important elements of dedication- particularly when opinions dominate social media,” a sports expert at Canada Sports Betting said. “It’s a shame then that so many NFL teams have not only struggled to maintain their fan’s interest but have seen a significant decline year-on-year.”

On the positive side, the Cincinnati Bengals have seen the biggest rise in fan support, with an 80% annual increase in interest since the 2020 season, the study shows.

The data also looked at where the most support is coming from for each team.

For the Panthers, the most supportive state is North Carolina, followed by South Carolina, and then Nebraska rounds out the top three.