Rams receiver Khadarel Hodge goes from tiny hometown in Mississippi to the Big Game


The Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday. People are planning viewing parties and loading up on chicken wings.

Walt Grayson of WJTV, the CBS affiliate station in Jackson, Mississippi says Super Bowl Fever has hit close to home in a big way in the tiny Mississippi town of D’lo. Population 400.

Walt explains it’s because of a special D’lo resident:

“Okay, so I get this puzzling phone call from my friend John Henry Berry, the Mayor of D’lo. He says if the Rams win the Super Bowl they’re having a parade in D’lo. So, I asked him why.”

‘Because of Michelle,’ he said.

Having a puzzled look on my face, John Henry went on to explain,

‘Michelle is Khadarel Hodge, number 11 for the Los Angeles Ram’s mother.’

Now, I’m talking to Michelle. I say, Hey Michelle, and exchange pleasantries. I ask her to tell me about her son–I know you’re awfully proud of him, I told her.

‘I am so overwhelmed about him. He is doing exactly what he said he was gonna do. What he wanted to do. What he always dreamed of doing. Playing football, but to go all the way to the Super Bowl.’

I asked her–Where did he play here?

‘Mendenhall High School. On to college he went to Alcorn State and then he went to Hinds but then he graduated from Prairie View. It was a few months after he graduated he came back and told us that the Rams had called him.’

The fact that he wasn’t in the draft didn’t let that stop him from living his dream.

“No sir, it didn’t.”

So Mom planned on being at the game and taking Khadarel’s older brother, Gerrell, along. Gerrell is excited because he wanted to go to see his favorite team playing in the Super Bowl.

‘Me and his oldest brother Gerrell were going because Gerrell is a true Patriots fan.’

Wait a minute. What?? I asked Michelle.

‘Gerrell is a true Patriots fan. Gerrell is a true Patriots Fan, Patriots fan.’

And here I was, thinking  living in a State/Ole Miss house was tough.

But we have a home town player from D’lo in the Super Bowl Sunday. D’lo may have a parade if the Rams win. But the most pleased person of the day may be big brother Gerrell. If the Rams win his brother gets a Super Bowl ring. If not his team, the Patriots win. Either way is a good day for him.”

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