Vikingo will make his AEW debut this week in a long-awaited match against Kenny Omega.

Initially set to meet at AAA’s Triplemanía in December 2021, they were called off due to Omega’s mounting injuries, which necessitated him to be away from wrestling for more than eight months. Before his time away to recuperate, Omega was AAA’s mega champion—but he was forced to relinquish the title, which was then won by Vikingo at that same Triplemanía.

Now, 15 months later, Omega and Vikingo will finally step in the ring together. It will take place on Wednesday’s Dynamite, and it is a match that will exceed expectations—even for those who have a hunch about what is about to transpire—and push the boundaries of pro wrestling beyond its accepted limits.

“I’m excited to be on television on Dynamite and show my skills to the world,” says Vikingo, speaking through a translator. “I’ve wanted this fight for so long. It is an honor to come to AEW and wrestle Kenny.”

Vikingo is 25-year-old Emmanuel Roman Morales. He is the world’s most electrifying luchador, able to perform athletic feats in and around the ring that even video games cannot match. A human highlight reel, he has put on a number of brilliant matches throughout his career yet has never worked with someone of Omega’s elite caliber.

“I have a lot of special moves that I want the world to see,” says Vikingo. “Some I’ve already mastered, and I want to show those off, and I want to show off some moves that people have never seen before.”

Vikingo is not signed to an AEW contract, which makes this match unique. It is a bold example of something that would simply not happen at this level anywhere else in the industry, particularly WWE. The match was orchestrated by AEW’s Tony Khan, who reached out to Masked Republic’s Lucha Libre Agency, which manages all of Vikingo’s bookings outside of Mexico. Once the two sides connected, the match came together fairly quickly.

“I am very nervous,” admits Vikingo. “I am coming to Kenny’s home in AEW. I am nervous to represent Mexico. But those nerves won’t get in front of me. It will only add to my excitement and fire.”

The match holds added significance for Vikingo. While he was able to secure his work visa last fall, not every luchador has enjoyed an opportunity like this over the past half century. When he steps onto this international platform, he is dedicating it those who were not afforded the same chance.

“I am fighting for all the luchadores that came before me,” says Vikingo. “I am going to bring that Aztec fighting spirit. This is going to be a fight like you’ve never seen before.”

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