Tom Brady may be considered the best football player ever, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he will be as good at everything he does. Once he begins broadcasting games for Fox, there is likely to be an adjustment period for the future Pro Football Hall of Famer.

Brady is expected to take 2023 off entirely but likely will begin his 10-year deal with Fox during the 2024 season. If the former quarterback asks ESPN’s Joe Buck for advice, the Monday Night Football announcer said he would be happy to help

“I would do [that] in a heartbeat with all the help he’s given us over the years,” Buck told Barrett Sports Media. “… There’s going to be a bit of a learning curve for Tom.”

Buck added that there are a lot of new skills that Brady will have to learn in order to properly present his football knowledge to a broadcast audience.

“I expect him to do it and do it well, but it’s a weird kind of thing to do,” Buck said. “There’s a bit of acting involved. It’s a presentation as much as just knowing football. I’m sure he’ll be great, but I’m anxious to see.”

Although Brady will join the Fox team that replaced Buck and wingman Troy Aikman in the booth, Buck believes everyone “got what they wanted” in the end. For 2023, Greg Olsen will once again partner with Kevin Burkhardt on Fox’s top NFL tandem, but once Brady is ready, he is expected to jump right to the top of Fox’s NFL coverage.