Week 3 hasn't been fun so far for Jets fans. One of them was so mad he practically spit his teeth. 

The Jets trail the Patriots at halftime, 10–3. A big reason for New York's failure to get in the end zone has been the poor play of quarterback Zach Wilson. Through two quarters, Wilson has thrown for only 29 yards on 5-of-10 passing. He's also been sacked twice. 

CBS cameras caught a fan screaming in frustration at Wilson's performance. He got so worked up that his front teeth fell out. Tony Romo called the moment perfectly on the broadcast. 

"Ugh! You can see the frustration," Romo said, "You know you're frustrated when your teeth come out!"

To be exact, the fan's front dentures fell out. Losing his actual teeth while yelling would be traumatic. Regardless, this poor Jets fan provided a funny moment.