GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Local businesses and football fans in Eastern North Carolina have been preparing for the Super Bowl this past week.

Sup Dogs owner Bret Oliverio said winter months could be slow for the businesses near East Carolina University, so sporting events like the Super Bowl are important.

“Obviously for us being located near the university, December, January, February are pretty slow months,” Oliverio said. “We’re ready for dine-in, drinking, tons of carry-out, deliveries, so they’ll sort of be coming at us from all angles, but we’re excited.”

The owner of Nash Hot Chicken in Uptown Greenville said this will be their first Super Bowl since opening and are hoping for a boost in business.

“I hope we sell out. So this is our first Super Bowl open, so we’re still not quite at a year yet, but I’m hoping they come out in waves,” said Nash owner Ryan Griffin. “We’re getting a lot of chicken brining, you know, getting all the breading together, getting extra prep done and hoping to get a good crowd out here for the Super Bowl.”

Tie Breakers Executive Chef and Winterville General Manager Laura Bell said they have orders for more than a thousand chicken wings, all for the big game.

“We have over a thousand wings that have already been ordered at the Greenville location, have a few hundred here in Winterville, expecting a lot more,” Bell said. “It’s big, we have a lot of to-go’s, so a lot of people might stay at home and hang out with their buddies, but we still get a lot of business.”

Some people said they were watching the game for football.

“I’m a huge football fan and I’m also from Pennsylvania, so I’m rooting for the Eagles,” said Eagles fan Ramsey Mahosky.

Some people said they enjoy the halftime show and commercials.

“I’m always looking forward to halftime, I’m a music guy. Performance is my thing when I’m watching the Super Bowl,” said ECU student Kaeson Johnson.

But others said they just plan to go to watch parties for the food.

“My favorite Super Bowl food probably has to be buffalo chicken dip, so it’s very good. Very good to share, get you some Tostitos chips and crockpot, call it a day,” said Super Bowl fan Jordan Gurley.