Listen and Move!

Today we will be talking about a great way to keep your kids active, indoors!

When you aren’t able to get outside TheKidsCartoon youtube page has a video to help with the bad weather blues!

My sister-in-law, Danielle, showed me the video Listen and Move and sent in some footage of how she uses it to keep her kids moving even when they’re stuck indoors

“This is our go-to when we can’t get outside. Whether it was when my second was just born and I couldn’t take both out, or now that she’s older, we use it on rainy days to get the energy out”– Danielle Pait

“We use it in the church nursery sometimes or the gym at church to help get the kids focused. Works on listening skills and following directions!” – Danielle Pait

The next time you are stuck indoors, remember this as a way to help kids still be active while also helping with listening and following directions as Danielle mentioned.

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