GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) It’s a story about friendship and mentorship and it’s getting a lot of attention on social media. The bond is between a 5-year-old boy and a Greenville Police Officer.

“She family now! She’s not even Officer Wines, She’s Jenna!” said Diamond Diaz Matthews.

Josiah and Jenna met last August. It was National Night Out in Greenville.

“We rode the train together he was really excited about a picture and he walked away and came back a little bit later. He wanted to take another picture and I was just like in love with this kid I was like he is so cute. I want to take him home, I want to get everywhere with him,” said Jenna Wines, Officer, Greenville Police Department.

And so, he does.

“I love when she picks me up, Bring me to the park, take me to get something to eat, ” said Josiah McMurran, Officer Wines New Best Friend.

Now, once a week, Officer Jenna Wines picks Josiah up from school. She did it to be a mentor.

“I was raised in a time where it takes a village,” said Matthews.

Officer Wines hopes others see and learn from their bond.

“He was a little worried. I know a lot of people are a little worried about officers but I was hoping that would change the light of it change people’s eyes with it and it’s changed mine. It’s given me a new light to look at the community through,” said Officer Wines.

Officer Wines and Josiah are like family now.

“Like I said I couldn’t ask for a better person to come into my grandsons’ life. Yes, I love her. What I see in him when he leaves and his little heartbreaks and he cries he’s like ‘When she coming back?’ and I’m like she’ll be back next week. When he sees her his face lights up. For a five year old that’s big, that’s something serious. When an officer can do that to a child…yes,” said Matthews.

Josiah says he wants to either be a police officer or in the military when he grows up because he says he can do a one-arm push-up.