SOUTH AUSTRALIA (WNCT) — Four African lion cubs were born at the Monarto Safari Park in South Australia, footage released on Thursday, September 7, shows.

African lion Husani gave birth to her third litter of healthy cubs on Wednesday, August 30, according to the park. “Husani is a great mum … she’s again showing very positive behavior with these four cubs,” the park’s Senior Keeper of Carnivores, Rachel Hemmings, said.

This footage shared by the Monarto Safari Park showed the family as it snuggled up in their private den, where remote cameras monitored them closely.

According to the park, the cubs will be visible to visitors in about 12 weeks, when the cubs will be mobile enough to keep up with the rest of the pride.

African lions are listed as vulnerable to extinction by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.