GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – A Twitter account continues gaining popularity, urging ECU to switch to remote learning.

#ShutDownECU is made up of about 10 students, with a list of demands for the university.

They all want to remain anonymous.

Members say they worry about Eastern North Carolina as a whole if ECU stays open.

“It’s not just for the sake of students, although we definitely care about students,” said one of the members. “But really for the sake of not having this concentration of people in a community that can’t really afford to be taking such a risk of getting sick.”

Some students disagree with the group and want to stay on campus.

“I don’t agree that everyone should be online,” said Lindy McCall, ECU senior. “Enter at your own risk type of thing. If you don’t want to be on campus, don’t be on campus.”

A new group called #KeepECUOpen has formed in response.

Members released a statement Wednesday, saying many students are happy to be on campus and believe in the leadership of Interim Chancellor Ron Mitchelson.


A new Twitter account is circulating, urging ECU to move to remote learning.

This comes after UNC Chapel Hill announced undergraduate students would transition to online classes starting tomorrow.

The account is called #ShutDownECU.

It’s a group of students advocating for the university to move to all remote learning.

It’s gaining popularity on campus.

“From just like walking around campus and overhearing conversations, there are definitely people that believe we are going to fail at the whole in-person class thing,” said Rachael McWilliams, ECU sophomore.

The group released a list of demands Tuesday, including moving to fully online classes, housing and meal plan reimbursement and a pass/fail option.

Some ECU students say it’s only a matter of time before they’re sent home.

“When I heard UNC was moving to all remote learning, I was concerned and I have a feeling that we’ll be the next,” said McWilliams.

Some disagree with the group’s message.

“All students that are on campus, they should’ve come with the expectation that they could catch it,” said Cameron Brown, ECU freshman. “It is a virus. It’s going to spread.”

In a statement Tuesday, ECU’s Interim Chancellor, Ron Mitchelson, said the university and other UNC system schools will not move to full remote learning just yet.