Job scams are on the rise as a result of the pandemic

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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — While everyone may have an idea of their dream job, some officials are saying a lot of offers can be too good to be true. This comes as employment scams are on the rise as the pandemic continues to affect millions.

The Better Business Bureau says that these scams are actually some of the riskiest they deal with. Noting that millions of Americans getting scammed and billions of lost dollars have been a direct result of fraudulent jobs.

“Job scams were already one of the riskiest scams that we track here at BBB,” said Nick Hill, a communications specialist for the BBB of Eastern North Carolina.

14,000,000 Americans scammed and $2,000,000,000 lost just last year. All stemming from employment scams.

“One of the tools we offer is the BBB scam tracker and we really encourage people to report if they’ve either been a victim of a scam or if they’ve seen one out to report it.”

Nick Hill with the Better Business Bureau says these scams don’t discriminate.

“People ages 25-34, so younger people, are the highest targeted.”

Nick Hill

But what can you do if you think you have come across a job scam?

“Just first research the offer, you can call or go directly to the actual company’s website for their contact information,” said Hill. “Be very wary of vague job descriptions, especially job descriptions that have typos and grammatical errors, these are telltale signs of a fraudulent job offer.”

When asked what these scams look like, Hill notes they can be as basic as an application asking for too much information.

“One of the really common ones we see is phishing, so you apply to the job, you’ve given them all your personal information, some people even go as far as giving them their social security and then the scammers have that information and they can take whatever they want from you basically.”

Saying it all comes down to some things being too good to be true.

“If you’re paying for the promise of a job it’s also probably a scam,” said Hill.

Hill also suggests making a separate email address when applying to jobs as it can help sift out the spam offers you may get.

Click here to access the BBB’s Scam Tracker which helps identify scams in and around the area you live in.

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