RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCT) Luis Toledo, former Assistant State Auditor and U.S. Air Force veteran with over a decade of federal and state government auditing experience, announces his candidacy for State Auditor.

Toledo is recognized for leading innovative statewide audits, including the groundbreaking audit of the most expensive contract and largest IT project in North Carolina’s history: the $484 million State’s Medicaid Billing System, which was awarded Best Audit Report in the nation by the National State Auditors Association.

“I am running to address the drop in performance we have seen in the State Auditor’s office over the last four years. Since 2016 we have seen a decrease of 12% in the number of audit reports released. That’s millions of dollars of undetected savings. I don’t find this trend acceptable and nor should North Carolina’s taxpayers, especially given our current fiscal posture and the policy issues facing our state,” Toledo stated.