The impact fireworks can have on pets

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Although many will enjoy the light show on July 4th, there is a good chance your pet’s noise phobias will be triggered causing stress and anxiety.

Dogs and cats can struggle with noise related phobias creating fear related actions.

A few symptoms are pacing, trying to run away, panting, trembling and hunkering down alone somewhere dark and quiet.

Other pets cling to their owners for comfort.

To ease some of your pet’s fears is to leave your pet at home, create a safe and secure space in a dim room, play low-level music or leave the TV on.

Talk to your veterinarian about prescribed oral sedatives to give your pet (do so an hour or two before the event).

You may also purchase thundershirts that will wrap around the body giving physical comfort while relieving stress.

You may also create your pet if they view it as a safe space and give them treats, bones or toys to keep them distracted.

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