Town of Ayden nears completion of revised land-use plan

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It’s known as a vibrant community…with hometown charm.

Town of Ayden officials are doing what they can to grow their community, by updating an outdated land-use plan.

“Our plan is probably 11 or 12 years old you’re supposed to update these every five years. So we were a little behind the times on that so we updated it, added several new lands us categories but also implemented or put in a lot of policies,” said Planning Director, Stephen Smith.

The town uses the plan as a guide to shape land development with several goals including adding commercial and neighborhood mixed zones to encourage growth.

“Today’s trend is a convenience for a lot of people so we’ve got some areas out there that we are targeting for a mixed-use where you’ve got some residential and some commercial just to make it more convenient for folks if they do move to the area,” said Smith.

The town did not have a big turnout at their Monday night public input meeting but planning director Stephen Smith said they have kept people in the community involved over the past year.

“The town board appointed a 15 person steering committee of different segments of our population that met several times last year so we got a lot of public involvement that way,” said Smith.

He said the town has seen residential and commercial growth in recent years so it important for them to update the plan for the future.

“Growth has started now so we wanted to kind of get ahead of it again these plans they’ve got 10 to 20-year reach so we thought now was the time. With the completion of the bypass were expecting a lot more growth over the next 10 to 15 years so wanted to make sure we were ready for that,” he said.

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