GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — With the holidays around the corner, senior hunger becomes a bigger issue, along with rising food costs and colder temperatures.

The Pitt County Council on Aging has erected a billboard along NC 33 past the Walmart on 10th Street to raise awareness to the limited resources seniors have during these months.

The council serves over 350 seniors every day, with over 150 still on a waiting list for warm meals. Executive Director Rich Zeck said it costs around $1,700 a year to feed one senior. It takes anywhere from 8 to 10 volunteers per every 12 seniors.

Zeck also said right now they need donations but more than anything, they need volunteers. He said just one hour once a month can make a huge impact on the senior community.

“What happens if that was your grandma, or your grandpa, or your mom, or your dad? And sometimes many of our seniors don’t have family, or they live in rural areas, or they’re isolated, or maybe their children live out of state,” Zeck said.

That’s why Zeck says having a place like The Council on Aging is so crucial for these individuals.

“Many of our seniors are homebound and they don’t have any opportunity to get food whether it be the food pantry or the food bank, they cant get there, they’re homebound. So that’s what we really want to do is bring awareness to people that there are seniors who are hungry.”