RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCT) — The Governor’s Highway Safety Program and the NC Department of Transportation are currently involved in its latest Click It Or Ticket program.

The program runs through Nov. 27 and is meant to encourage people to buckle up and stay safe when traveling the roads. Police departments and sheriff’s offices throughout North Carolina will be out patrolling the area and enforcing the state’s seat belt law.

“During the holidays, we see more drivers on the roads as people are traveling to visit with family and friends. This is also a time of the year when statistically there are higher crash rates, and unfortunately, a higher number of significant injuries and fatalities. We know that a leading contributor to injuries and fatalities is occupants not being properly restrained. We are asking that every driver and passenger buckles up before taking to the roads this holiday season,” said Jacksonville Police Department Traffic Supervisor Phillip Williams.

According to the North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety Program, 555 people were killed statewide and 1,150 were seriously injured in crashes related to not wearing a seat belt as of the first of this week.

“We know many people will travel to see loved ones during the Thanksgiving holiday, and we want to keep you safe. And we know wearing seatbelts saves lives. So, make sure everyone in your vehicle buckles up before you get on the road,” said New Bern Chief Patrick Gallagher said.

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