Grifton Police publish updated parking violations and fines


Grifton Town Limits Map


The Grifton Police Department said, starting this Thursday, new parking violations and fines will go into effect within the town limits.

According to Grifton Police, here is the updated list of parking violations and fines within the Grifton town limits:

72.12-Parking on Sidewalks Prohibited – Fine $125 “No person shall park a vehicle on a sidewalk.

72.13-Parking in Police, Fire, Or Other Emergency Zones – Fine $125 – Except for Authorized Emergency Vehicles, no person shall park a vehicle in a zone or lane designated for Fire, Police, or other emergency vehicles.

72.03-Parking in Prohibited Spaces – Fine $50 – No parking in zones with no parking signs erected or curbing painted yellow.

72.06-Ten Minute Parking – Fine $50 – No person shall park a vehicle for longer than ten minutes in a zone where a ten-minute parking sign is displayed.

72.09-Parking with Left Side to Curb Prohibited In Business District Fine – $50 – No vehicle shall stop with its left side to curb in the business district; except that, on one-way streets vehicles shall stop headed in the direction of traffic.

72.11-Parking for Certain Purposes Prohibited Fine – $50 – No person shall stand or park a vehicle upon any street for the principal purpose of: (A) Displaying it for sale, (B) Washing, greasing or repairing the vehicle, except repairs necessitated by emergency, (C) Storage thereof by garages, dealers or other persons when storage is not incident to the bona fide use of operation of the automobile or other vehicles, (D) Storage of any detached trailer or van when the towing unit has been disconnected or for the purpose of transferring merchandise, or freight, from one vehicle to another, (E) Advertising of any kind.

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