Fed Up: American Airlines customers at Charlotte Airport voice frustration


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Stranded in Charlotte.

On Monday, hundreds of American Airlines passengers were stuck waiting for a flight after thousands were canceled across the country over the weekend.

As of 3 o’clock on Monday, 272 AA flights had been canceled out of Charlotte since October 29th.  Many people were stuck at the airport all day, just waiting to see if they could get on a flight.

The lines.

“Lost, I’m feeling lost,” said Mary Washington.

The wait.

“It’s the time, it’s the stress, it’s the uncertainty,” said Debbie.

And the frustration.

“They canceled like 15 minutes prior to the flight,” said Ron Gramazio.

All of that came together to create an exasperating experience for many at CLT on Monday.

“We waited three hours,” said Eleya Mullins. ”Then, an hour wait for our bag, then they told us our bags are in Florida.”

On Monday as of 5 pm ET, 57 American Airlines flights had been canceled, a number that grew throughout the day. A total of 2,342 American flights were canceled throughout the country starting on October 29th.

“At the hotel today, people who didn’t know each other who were going to JFK were just renting cars, they were driving together,” said Ron, who was planning on renting a car and just driving back to New York.

American Airlines officials blamed the weather and the staffing shortages for the cancelations, according to a letter released to FOX 46.

“This morning, waiting for our shuttle, the app ticks off and says your flight has been canceled again,” said Greg Griffin, who was planning on finding another airline on Monday.

It’s no secret that airlines, and even TSA, have all been struggling to find enough people to work. After layoffs and cuts during the pandemic, airlines are scrambling to get the staff in place as more people start flying again.

According to the release from American, 1,800 flight attendants were returning form leave on November 1st.  On top of that, officials wrote that they’re hoping to bring on 600 new employees by the end of 2021.

“These people are working diligently to try to accommodate but it’s not them,” said Mary, talking about how the workers were doing the best they can.

While many tied to be patient, at the end of the day, most people had the same feeling.

“I just want to go,” said Mary.

AA officials said flights shouldn’t be impacted on Tuesday.

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