Bojangles closes hundreds of stores west of ENC temporarily to give workers a rest; no rest for healthcare workers


(WGHP) — If you’re craving some chicken supremes or a cajun filet biscuit for dinner, you might want to check to see if your favorite Bojangles is open.

The restaurant chain closed hundreds of stores across the Southeast on Monday. The company wants its 8,000 workers to go home and recharge to avoid burnout. Another closing is scheduled for Sept. 13.

Bojangles locations in Eastern North Carolina were not part of this since they are owned by a different franchise.

“I know the mental health field is seeing a massive explosion of referrals where many, many people are experiencing distress or coming to therapy, seeking help for burnout,” said Dr. Jenna Mendelson, a clinical psychologist with LaBauer Behavioral Health.

Mendelson says burnout can look a lot like depression.

“Feeling a lack of control over what happens to you at work, like what you do doesn’t matter, you’re not having an impact, a sense of fatigue, like every day is the same,” Mendelson said.

However, not everyone can get a day off.

Dr. Mendelson tells FOX8 on-call front-line workers might have a hard time disconnecting, leaving them at a higher risk for burnout.

“Put your phone on ‘do not disturb,'” Mendelson said. “Set aside some time that is just for yourself, and it doesn’t have to be a long period of time, where you feel like this time is for me.”

It’s a hard balance to strike in the age of COVID with more people working from home.

Mendelson believes the move by corporations like Bojangles shows people are starting to care about mental health and its effect on employees.

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