Onslow Co. GOP exec resigns to support Allen Thomas

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Onslow County Republican Party precinct chair Anne Hardinger has given up her seat to vote for Democrat Allen Thomas in the NC District 3 special election to fill the seat in Washington left behind by the late Walter B. Jones Jr.

The election will be held on September 10th.

Hardinger wrote on Facebook she would be resigning, saying when she took the job she signed a letter saying she would be loyal to the Republican Party but she feels she can’t do that anymore.

In part, she wrote:

“There are a couple of reasons why I cannot support Greg Murphy, however, I will only outline one here. I believe that what makes America great is the ingenuity, innovation and determination of her people. We must foster these ideals in our children. Our children (ALL of our children) are tomorrow’s America, tomorrow’s leaders. On two separate occasions, I was present at occassions where Greg Murphy spoke. I was able to ask as a representative what he would do to ensure that ALL children receive an equal opportunity to a quality education. I also asked about federal policies such as ESEA and IDEA. Both times, he danced around these questions and held tightly to the Trump platform of privatizing our public schools, speaking only in sound bytes and not to the issues. He talked about taking the federal government out of education. If we do that, how will all children, no matter their state, or school receive an equitable education? There will be no uniform law that governs rights for students with disabilities or those from poverty. Title 1 and other funding will go away. There are very few schools that have been privatized who are getting it right, but those holding the purse strings are getting plenty. Privatization is increasing segregation in many places and decreasing equity. It is taking money and resources from the majority of our students, leaving public institutions without necessities. Privatization promotes elitism and it does not show that students of these institutions performs any better as a group. I could go on with minute details, but in the interest of space I’ll end there. What we don’t need in Washington is more blind loyalty to party over people or issues. I find that Allen Thomas holds the values that are important to the 3rd Congressional District and to centrist Republicans like myself. He is a Christian. He supports our military and our vets, he understands that to protect our tourism and our fishing industry, we must take care of our environment. He understands that we must work with others to ensure there are markets for our products and that we must build the infrastructure to support that. He understands that infrastructure = jobs. At the same time, he supports our public schools and expanding our CTE programs. Remember that Sen. Harry Brown, a Republican, was instrumental in securing funds to build Onslow County’s CTE center. Allen Thomas believes that everyone should have access to quality health care, and he is about bringing people together to get things done. Murphy clearly is not. I do not post this here to invite argument or debate but to dispel misinformation that surely will arise. Onslow County Republican Party

Anne Hardinger

The September 10th election will see Allen Thomas as the Democrat, Dr. Greg Murphy as the Republican, as well as, Greg Holt from the Constitution Party, and Tim Harris, a Libertarian.

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