A Look at the Active Volcanoes



The Kilauea Volcano is the youngest volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. It has been continuously erupting since the 1980s and the lava has mostly been slow and steady. Last month, seismic activity rose, new lava vents opened and it became unpredictable. This has led to the destruction of many homes and thousands needed to be evacuated.

The good news about this eruption is that very few people have been injured and no one has been killed.

It has however changed Hawaii’s coastline. The famous Kapoha Bay has been filled by lava flows.

The Kilauea Volcano is a shield volcano which means they are low-lying and round. The magma also has very low water content which means they rarely see explosive eruptions.


The Fuego volcano eruption happened on June 2nd. As of now, more than 1.7 million people have been effected and more than 3,000 have been evacuated. There are also at least 192 people missing and 75 people are confirmed dead because of the eruption.

The reason why so many people were killed during the initial eruption was because there was no evacuation warning issued before the blast. It was also stated that the locals had emergency procedure training, but it all happened too fast for any of that to be implemented.

This was Guatemala’s most violent volcanic eruption in over a century.

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