GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – A spokesperson with Duke Energy shared the company’s recent experiences with winter weather events that have impacted eastern North Carolina.

Jeff Brooks, a spokesperson with Duke Energy, says ahead of the recent snowstorm they brought in more than 1,000 additional reinforcement from all over the country, including Ohio. The company even had several hundred crew members on standby who live in Eastern North Carolina.

Brooks says the company is always making improvements to the grid, that way they can respond and restore power to customers’ homes.

“We’re gonna do everything we can, we’re improving the grid, we’re making it stronger we’re helping to avoid outages restore faster, but when those things happen, you need to be ready just like we are,” Brooks said. “So that’s just something to think about from this storm, to be ready for the next storm.”

He also said always being prepared can be beneficial if you were to lose power for a period of time.

“People should use these storms as opportunities to think through what their emergency preparedness plan would be if they were to lose power for multiple days,” Brooks said.

Duke Energy says 10,000 customers experienced power outages this past weekend due to the winter storm.