RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Gov. Roy Cooper took a quick tour of Wake County’s Department of Transportation Maintenance Yard Friday morning as crews prepared for a third winter storm to hit the Triangle and other parts of North Carolina in as many weeks. 

The NCDOT has 500 employees working to spread more than 1.5 million gallons of brine across the state.
They also have salt barns stocked and ready to go, in the event they need to add more to the roads to prevent icing.

When the snow hits Friday night, NCDOT has 1,100 employees ready to help clear the roads.

The maintenance yard was fairly empty in the morning, as crews were at home resting. An NCDOT official said they want their workers to be ready to go when they get the call that they need to get the roads open and safe for people to travel on Saturday.

Gov. Cooper said he was appreciative of everything crews have had to do with these unprecedented back-to-back storms.

“A lot of (the crews)are resting right now because they’re getting ready to go back out there. We’re grateful for the hard work our DOT employees have done, particularly, as with other industries right now, there’s a shortage of staff,” Gov. Cooper said. “The people who are here, have to work that much harder.”

CBS 17 asked DOT officials if there was any problem getting the supplies they needed, or if there was an area in the state struggling to get any winter storm supplies. 

The answer was no.

Officials are asking people to stay off the road and take precautions to let crews do their jobs.

Despite the third week of winter storms in a row, Gov. Cooper has not yet initiated a third-straight State of Emergency. There is no word yet if he plans to do so, but central North Carolina is only expected to reach a maximum of two inches of snow and some slick roads – conditions significantly less than the previous two weeks.