CHINQUAPIN, N.C. (WNCT) — Duplin and Jones counties are just two of the counties in Eastern North Carolina that are seeing the impact of high water from the recent rains.

Roads are closed in the Chinquapin area because of water levels near the Cape Fear River. Some people’s homes are even turning into islands as the water covers part of their yards.

Duplin County officials want people to be aware that some roads they normally take may be off limits due to the rising waters.

“The road closure that we have will probably go into next week before we can open those roads back up,” said Frankie Wood, engineering technician for Duplin County maintenance.

Officials are also telling people to keep from taking vehicles into standing water as drivers may not be able to see areas where roads may have washed out.

In Jones County, officials are also reminding residents of road closures due to flooding. As of Friday afternoon, Weyerhauser, Middle, Oak Grove and Chinquapin Chapel roads were closed. The NC Department of Transportation is monitoring conditions, especially the area of NC Hwy. 41 East, just north of the Trent River Bridge.

Some roads that aren’t closed still have some flooding. Jones County Manager Franky Howard is warning drivers that it could get worse.

“All of those roads can be accessed from either end, but as far as where the flooding is, it can still get to either side,” Howard said.