TRENTON, N.C. (WNCT) – It’s hurricane season and counties across Eastern North Carolina continue their efforts in preparing and protecting their communities. 

Over in Jones County, officials met to discuss how they are preparing and how the state is getting involved. It’s a top priority for state and community leaders to make sure their residents are safe in the event of severe weather. Leaders from across Jones County met at the Jones County Civic Center to discuss their plans of action.

“We’re as prepared as probably any county around us,” said Emergency Services Director Timmy Pike. “We’ve done a lot to improve our preparedness and Florence taught us a lot of lessons.”

Pike said that some of the discussions were in regards to shelter, which includes the county civic center. 

“We have to make sure that our shelters are substantially stocked,” said Pike. “We have food on hand for anything, anyone, we were to put in shelter.”

There were also discussions about isolation between towns in the county due to flooding.

“We’ve got enough personnel around to cover those areas and just make sure everyone stays safe,” said Pike.

Officials from North Carolina Emergency Management Eastern Branch said the county has come a long way to improve its resiliency, but they will be there to help.

“If it looks like, you know, a storm is coming our way, we will be in touch with all our county emergency managers to see if they need any resources, what they’re thinking, any trouble spots, all those great lessons learned from previous storms, Florence, Isaias, Dorian…” said N.C. Emergency Management Eastern Branch Manager Diane Curtis.

Curtis added that during a storm, residents are still encouraged to be prepared and self-sufficient for 72 hours while emergency services make arrangements.

To find more information about hurricane preparation in Jones County, click here.