KINSTON, N.C. (WNCT) — The Neuse River in Kinston is inching closer to the roads with every hour of rainfall. People living in Lenoir County say this is nothing new but it’s still worrisome every time it happens.

Lenoir County’s waters are rising as the rain falls. Emergency Services Director Jerri King said they’re monitoring rivers and roads.

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“This is something that unfortunately the Lenoir County residents have become accustomed to,” said King.

People in Kinston say they’ve seen flooding before but this week’s high water is something of a surprise.

“Before you know it, it’ll be up there to the park,” said Dusty Taylor, a Kinston resident. “It’s odd because I don’t remember even during the hurricanes being like this. It just blows my mind that it keeps happening.”

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Neuseway Nature Park is one of the lower-lying areas of Kinston and it’s usually among the first to have to close due to the rising waters.

“If you see water crossing the road and you cannot see the lines on the road, do not attempt to drive through it because you don’t know the depth of the water,” said King.

Kinston Planning Director Adam Short is hopeful the water won’t go too high and that people will avoid it when they see it.

“We are very concerned obviously,” Short said. “Once you get into the moderate flood stage and into the Major flood stage with every inch of additional water, we get more and more impacts. My department is cautiously optimistic.”

City and county officials don’t expect any major impact from flooding but they say people should stay out of closed areas. After all, they’re closed for a reason.