GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Ice storms can happen anywhere in the country.

An ice storm is different from a hail storm. It’s liquid rain that doesn’t freeze until it hits the ground. You can imagine how much ice can build up on surfaces over a period of several hours.

Trees and powerlines were covered in a thick layer of ice after a freezing rainstorm hit Texas and parts of the south earlier this month. Hundreds of thousands of Texans lost power for days. Statewide, schools were closed, and thousands of flights were canceled. Downed trees caused additional power outages with crews struggling to remove the debris.

Another concern with ice storms are frozen roads. In Texas, icy conditions led to dozens of crashes, some of them fatal.

This came on the heels of the 25-year anniversary of the worst ice storm in US history, which coated parts of New England in four inches of ice and did more than $4 billion in damage.