GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — So here’s the thing. A hurricane doesn’t have to come anywhere near the coast for you to feel its impact. Even if it’s thousands of miles away, it can generate huge swells that bring out surfers from all over the region.

Here’s how it works. Offshore storms generate energy in all directions. When the energy hits the coast, it can be powerful.

Last week, Hurricane Franklin was generating big waves. So, I grabbed my surfboard and hit Surf City. Yeah so, I don’t actually know how to surf but I rented a board and did my best. Some of the waves at the back of the break were a good 10 to 12 feet, but unfortunately, I lost the company GoPro out there (I’m sorry Tree). Tree’s our head photographer. He’s the one who lent me the GoPro.

While big surf is fun, it can be really dangerous, so make sure you know your limits. Rip currents are the number one killer on a day like this, so if you get caught in one, float and wave, then swim parallel to the shore if you have enough energy and, eventually, you’ll get out of the rip current.

Soon to be Hurricane Lee is chugging out there so watch out for that in about a week and a half because that could bring some big swells.