‘No bathroom, no gas’: NC drivers discuss enduring hours-long back up on I-95 in Virginia


RICHMOND, Va (WNCN) – For more than 24 hours, people have been sitting on Interstate-95 in Virginia – running out of food, gas, and water.

They’ve been stuck bumper to bumper after a tractor-trailer crashed, causing a massive chain reaction of accidents and blockage.

CBS 17 spoke to Triangle drivers who were stuck in the mess.

They said they have never been so scared, and so at a loss of what to do.

“No bathroom, no gas,” described Raleigh resident Ana Perez.

That’s how she, her husband, and her 16-year-old and 3-year-old son, had to deal with while sitting in their cars for more than 11 hours on their way home.

“We didn’t keep the heat on, because we wanted to keep the gas,” she explained. “We had some blankets and we gave those to the kids.”

The Perez family left Woodbridge, Virginia around 8 a.m. Monday on what is normally a five-hour trip.

They didn’t get back to Raleigh until after 9 p.m, having sat in the car in the snow and the dark.

“A lot of people were walking around because their cars were out of gas,” said Perez. “People were walking and trying to find help. It was crazy.”

“This is probably the worst I’ve seen in the area,” said Michael Krisch of Lumberton.

Krisch is a truck driver and has been driving the same route to make his deliveries, almost every week for the past eight years.

“This area of 95 is already bad for traffic on a regular day, and now you throw in this monster storm,” he told CBS 17. “It’s just a disaster.”

Krisch saw the backup ahead of him and decided to get off the highway to gas up.

“I was debating getting back on the road to go north, but the roads, the traffic wasn’t moving,” he explained. “Even the ramp on Exit 104 going north on I-95 was completely backed up to the truck stop.”

Krisch has been stuck at a truck stop in Virginia since Monday afternoon.

“We had all of this snow that melted during the day, and then it froze over, even in the parking lot. [Other trucks] got struck trying to get out of the truck stop,” he said.

He said he’s not taking any chances.

“I’m just going to stay put here, until at least they’re cleared up. I don’t know when that is going to be, so I’m going to be sitting here probably for another day,” said Krisch.

During a press conference call on Tuesday, Virginia Department of Transportation officials told News Nation reporters they did not pre-treat the roads because it started out as rain and they didn’t want to waste it.

Statewide, not including the backed-up stretch of I-95, they reported over 1,000 disabled vehicles.

As of Tuesday afternoon, officials reported making some headway to move traffic off the roadway.

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