GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — We may see brief breaks in the rain, but we won’t get a break from the rising waters and the potential for some flooding until next week.

Parking lots at Town Common in Greenville are now filled with water from the Tar River. It has been creeping up and overtaking the parking lots and other areas for several days now. It’s a problem that’s likely to continue as all the rain, snow and ice from the western part of the state flows down the rivers and through Greenville on the way to the ocean.

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“Anytime there’s any kind of impending weather, stay tuned to trusted news sources and websites, social media to get the latest information as to what to do, where to go,” said Pitt County Emergency Director Randy Gentry.

Gentry wants people to remember that and to avoid trying to cross an area where water may be standing on a road.

“If you see water on your highway or on the pavement, don’t try to drive through it,” Gentry said. “Turn around and find an alternative route.”

Lenoir County officials preparing again for another round of flooding

Gentry said it’s important advice to follow as the Tar River continues to rise in the coming days.

“Currently, and we have been for several days now, just been in the monitoring stage,” Gentry said. “Just being aware of what’s the potential impact for our county.”

Gentry suggests making a plan now if you’re in an area that either could flood or is flooded.

“So that when something happens, you know what to do, where to go and what your resources are,” Gentry said.

Gentry said he’s expecting flooding in areas around the county where waters typically rise. He doesn’t expect to see any new spots pop up. In the meantime, he’s asking the public to stay alert.