JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — People in Jacksonville were preparing for chilly temperatures and slick roads on Sunday while many plan on just staying home.

“We are not going anywhere (Sunday),” one resident said.

While much of Eastern North Carolina will get some kind of precipitation — from rain to ice and snow — most said they were used to preparing for the worst and were just waiting to see what happens early Sunday when the system moves through.

One Jacksonville resident who spoke with WNCT said he has previous experience with driving in bad weather because he once lived up north. However, he said he doesn’t trust others driving on icy roads.

He was out and about looking for milk on Saturday but not because of the winter weather coming. He said he and his wife were trying to make a dish for Sunday.

“I’ve gone to three different Food Lions to find a half-gallon of whole mile and the only one that had it is one over here on Western Boulevard, and all I could get was two quarts of milk,” he said.

Ken Fox also lives in Jacksonville. He said if the roads are safe, he plans to continue his Sunday as normal.

“Well, if it’s gonna be icy, I have no reason to be out there,” Fox said. “But if it’s going to be non-ice or, you know, it’s just gonna be rain, then I’m going to be in church.”

Fox said his church, Bethlehem Baptist, had a meeting on Wednesday to discuss if the service will be canceled due the weather. They decided it would be a last-minute decision, something a lot of churches are likely to face come Sunday.

“I don’t believe we’re gonna have to worry about (Sunday) morning being icy and snowy,” Fox said. “I just believe that in my heart, and I believe our church will be operating full force.”

Officials said if you plan on hitting the roads on Sunday, some things to be sure you do are check your tires, have jumper cables and an ice scraper on hand.