Mess It Up With Megan: “Blowing Up” Balloons

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This week on Mess It Up with Megan, we will be using a few household items to blow up a balloon.

All you will need for this experiment is a yeast packet, sugar, warm water, and a bottle. The bottle needs to be around 16 oz.

Here are the instructions on how to “blow up the balloon”

  1. Pour about one inch of water into the bottom of the bottle
  2. Pour the all the contents of the yeast packet into the bottle and swirl the bottle around
  3. After the yeast has dissolved you will then pour the sugar into the bottle and swirl the bottle around again
  4. Then place a deflated balloon (make sure you stretch out the balloon a tad) on top of the bottle and just sit back and watch the balloon to inflate.

It will take around 20 minutes or so for the balloon to inflate. Just remember to place the bottle in a warm place to get the best results

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