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Remembering Hurricane Helene

North Carolina is no stranger to landfalling hurricanes. Hurricanes Floyd, Fran, Bertha, Diana, Dennis, and Hazel are notable examples. Still, there are many more hurricanes that were considered "near misses". Perhaps the most significant was Hurricane Helene in 1958.

Helene achieved Category 4 status on approach to the Carolina coast, and threatened to eclipse the damage produced by mighty Hurricane Hazel just four years earlier. However, a unique chain of events altered the path of Helene (and our state's history along with it). To learn more, watch our special presentation "Helene: Hidden Hurricane". Through archive footage and accounts, you'll experience a hidden footnote in our storied hurricane legacy- and a storm of incredible power.  (click on the link below to see the complete presentation)

Helene: Hidden Hurricane

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