Water on Mars?

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Back in 2015, NASA released an article saying that they had confirmed evidence that liquid water flows on Mars and today (July 25, 2018) an underwater reservoir is under the south polar cap.

photo credit: NASA

It was stated that radar scans of the planet suggest that a “stable reservoir of salty, liquid water” was about a mile beneath the south pole of the planet…and it is speculated to not be the only body of water.

photo credit: National Geographic

Elena Pettinelli, the coauthor of the paper that reported the discovery, told National Geographic; “There are other areas that seem to be similar. There’s no reason to say this is the only one.”

photo credit: NASA

And to make this an even cooler find, this buried body of water could offer up a few answers to the questions about where the ancient oceans disappeared to. Not to mention, this feature could be an ideal habitat for extraterrestrial life-forms.

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