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Why are female meteorologists wearing purple?

This is the 3rd annual #dressforSTEM event across the country. On Pi Day (March 14th) of each year women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields were encouraged to join in solidarity on a front to help bring awareness for more women in STEM careers.

"Women make up nearly half of the workforce, but hold only 24% of the jobs in science, technology, engineering and math," said event organizer, AccuWeather Meteorologist Julia Weiden. "According to recent research published by the American Meteorological Society, females make up only 8% of Chief Meteorologist positions. We want to see these numbers grow."

The past two years, the main participants of this movement were female broadcast meteorologists. This year, the goal was to get women outside of broadcast meteorology involved as well. The past two female broadcast meteorologists wore a matching dress, which was referred to as "The Dress." This year, many people are leaving the dress behind and wearing purple. A few female meteorologists still sported "The Dress" but in purple.

This movement was an online collaboration with female meteorologists across the country in order to encourage and inspire girls to pursue higher education in STEM.

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